Smashbox Photo Finish Face Primer

Note: This review is for Smashbox Photo Finish Face Primer in its original formulation.


Smashbox is a cosmetic brand completely animal cruelty free, vegan, and made completely by makeup artists. They have changed their marketing, their packaging, launched, and relaunched too many times to keep up, and then discontinued many other products. Everything however has always been created by makeup artists, tested in studio, photographed to ensure its quality matches on print as well as it does in real life.


Originally launched in 1997, it is claimed to be the first of its kind. The product is made out of only the highest grade of cosmetic silicon, which will not clog the pores so it is suitable for all skin types.  It promises to keep your makeup on longer, create a barrier between the skin and the makeup, and stop your skin from absorbing all of your makeup into the skin.
(Keeps pores healthy + use less foundation)


To use, apply a pea sized amount onto the entire face- remember less is more! I prefer using a foundation brush for this, in order to keep the skin are clean as possible. Many others will tell you your hands are fine for the application however since it will help you feel where the product has gone.
Apply your foundation directly on top!


Formulated without ParabensSodium Lauryl SulfatePhthalatesOil, Fragrance & Talc.

100% Animal cruelty free


For a basic face primer, this would be my go to. It is simple, transparent, and a good value. I would not suggest this primer for severely oily skin however, since the product will not last as long on the skin. Aging skin could use a better formulation to ensure foundation will not crease up into any fine lines as much as well. For specific needs, I would refer to Smashboxs other formulations of face primers, or simply another brand.


Often Smashbox offers samples through their website. You can take a look and see if they have any inventory left by clicking here.

Do you have a different opinion about this product? Got something to say? Leave a comment below!


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