Cruelty Free vs Vegan

Many people have concerns about what it means to be cruelty free, so here is a quick and simple post to fill everyone in.

To simplify, if a product is tested on an animal is it not considered animal cruelty free. Unfortunately, it is normally the final product that can not be tested on animals to be able to gain this status. More and more the Animal Cruelty Free Communities are pushing for this to change. Ideally, no part of the product should ever be tested on animals to be able to gain this status.

China had laws that forced any and all cosmetic brands who wish to export their products into China, to test on animals before legally gaining the right to sell. As of January 2017, this law has been slightly altered.

In January of 2017, the CFDA has agreed to permit only certain importers of non-special use cosmetics brands, IF they were importing for the first time, a simplified management process that will replace the existing registration process. (Animal Testing). This new regulation has a expiry date on it however, of March of 2018. To read more on this topic click here.

In short, if the product is sold in China they are NOT animal cruelty free, even if the company does not test the products in their own laboratories.

If a product has any animal by-products however, (honey, gelatin, etc) they can still be considered animal cruelty free, but not vegan. A product that is vegan only means that there are no animal by-products, and unfortunately has nothing to do with animal testing as its official definition although many can argue otherwise.

For a full list of common animal by-products in cosmetics, click here.

**Note: A product may be animal cruelty free even if they do not have the PETA logo attached. The PETA logo is only for North America, and therefor many international products will not have it. A company may also decide not to include it in their packaging if they are international simply for aesthetic reasons, OR because their parent company tests on animals. Smashbox for example once purchased by Estee Lauder removed the PETA logo for about a year until recently re-added onto packaging.

Do you agree with these statements? Have something to add? Comment below!


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