Benefit Cosmetics

Who is Benefit? More importantly, why do I care?

In short, Benefit is an American Cosmetic company created by two twin sisters in the 70s, and because their products are fun and amazing they are quickly becoming the talk of the town. They give you options unlike most companies, colors to play with, simplicity and ease to use day to day, and cute packaging that makes you actually want to use it!

In 1976 two sisters Jean Ford and Jane Ford opened up their small “face place” boutique with one goal in mind; to break even. Today they have become a household name relating to anything beauty, positioning themselves as a “quick fix” cosmetic line for all beauty issues and reside as part of the LVHM group of companies. Like the rest of the LVHM cosmetic companies, Benefit does not test anything on animals. Their mascara “They’re Real” since their launch in 2011 has since sold over 1 million units, and has been growing ever since. Known for its volume offered and such long wear, “They’re Real” mascara has even been known to compete for the #1 spot for high end drugstore mascara.


So, they’re a one hit wonder kind of company then?

Not even remotely close. Benefit cosmetics are KNOWN for their brow bars, offered at most Sephora locations, their own boutique offered in Toronto Ontario, and holds the world record for the most amount of brows waxed by a team (in 8 hours) since 2012. As of this year, they are also launching more than 20 SKUs of new brow products.

Benefit also offers one of the most sold bronzers until their belt as well, being Hoola. This highly sought after, youTube popular, never-orange, matte powder is a universal color (often purchased by men as well), and comes with its own reusable applicator. Launched this year, this family of products now include the new liquid Dew the Hoola for face, and Hoola Zero Tan lines for body which are non-transferable, can be layered, but washes off with soap.

Oh, and you must have heard about the Benefit special of never turning down a customer or ignoring her needs! Back in 1977, an erotic dancer walked into “face place” asking for a tint to dye her nipples, and now repackaged (and re-marketed) today the very same product is used as a cheek and lip stain called BeneTint! This very first product of Benefit paved the way for their other cheek a lip stains (which are a little less liquid) , with their matching lip balms all of which are long wear, and can be applied either with hands or a brush.

In summary

Benefit has re-positioned themselves and re-marketed themselves quite a bit in the past few years. Yes they are fun, cute, but not for little girls. Instead, Benefit speaks to the little girl in all of us. The one who is too excited to do anything but squeal out in excitement when we witness the birth of their new products, we come to renew our previous products, or just come and play and fall in love all over again. Their award winning products speak for themselves, and the cute packaging flies off the shelves.

Interested in trying them out? Benefit is available at Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix). Give your favorite cosmetician girl a call and book your appointment today!


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