Clarisonic MIA

After working in cosmetics for quite sometime, I finally bought my very own Clarisonic MIA. I tried it for the very first time tonight and after careful consideration, my only disappointment was that I did not buy a MIA 2 or the Plus model in order to use this miraculous machine on the rest of my body. Here’s the breakdown about the product.



Every model promises to clean up to 6x deeper than cleansing with hands alone. To test this, I used my Clarins Doux Nettoyant Moussant with Cottonseed on the machine. To my surprise,only half of what I normally use was needed since it foamed incredibly well. The MIA then rinsed clean with no product stuck or left behind in the clarisonic head.

The machine shuts itself off after a single minute, the ideal time needed to clean the entire face.

It is waterproof, I left it (and used it) in the shower.

It came with a head already attached, made for sensitive skin, as well as a trial dose of the Clarisonic gel cleanser.

Not too light, but rest comfortably in your hand while in use.

Available in a multitude of colors depending on availability.


The machine must charge for a full 24 hours before initial use. Personally, when I spend over 100$ on a machine, I want to be able to use it immediately.

No stand is available for the MIA, so it rests on itself/on the side wherever it is place (and can easily be knocked over).

The cover does not fully protect the head since there are holes. Normally this would be considered a good thing in order to enable the machine to dry properly, but it is me and I needed something else to complain about.


Invest into a Clarisonic, Period. It is life changing. After a single use I have never been so excited to wash my face IN MY LIFE. I’m often one of those “horrible” people that sleep with their makeup, normally after coming home at ungodly hours of the morning, and/or simply just too lazy to take off my makeup. Clarisonic has forever changed this for me, and is worth every dime it costs. HOWEVER, when you go and purchase your Clarisonic, invest in a MIA 2 or a high model. For not even 30$ more, the convenience of all the addons are well worth it.


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