Skin Types & Product Textures

Many clients come to see me, and their biggest complaint is not makeup, but it’s skincare. They use the wrong products for their skin type, without even realizing! In response, as promised, here is a very simple breakdown of skin types, and ideal products to use accordingly.


There are four (3) main skincare types. Dry, Mixed/Combination, and Oily. All of which can be combined with additional conditions such as sensitivity and/or dehydration, but for today we are keeping it in simpler terms (and hopefully less confusing).


Dry skin is when the skin is lacking OIL. Natural sebum for one reason or another has been lacking in the skin, and as such has become dry. Symptoms of this can include itchiness, peeling, redness in patches, cracking, the feeling of skin being pulled, and overall uncomfort. Dry skin can occur because of a new medication, allergic reaction, or just naturally as well.

Products that work well with dry skin include milks, baumes, or thicker creams. For cleansing, it is encouraged to use a milky cleanser or cream which will help soothe the skin and nourish at the same time. The toner should not carry any alcohol percentage at all, but is encouraged to help re-balance the skin. Follow with a thicker moisturizer for day and night.



Mixed or Combination skin is exactly what it sounds like, a mixture between dry and oily skin. Some parts will be dry, most often on the cheeks, and others oily, such as the “T” zone, (forehead, nose, and chin). This type of skin is actually the most popular not only in adolescences, but on a more global scale as well. Women up to the age of menopause often complain about this condition. Symptoms will also include the occasional breakout, blackheads, dilated pores, and a  visible “shine” on the face.

Products suggested for this type of skin include moussing, gel, and/or liquid cleansers depending on how oily the skin is. Toners may start to include a small alcohol percentage (although personally, I never suggest alcohol in toners because of their drying aspect). Moisturizers most suggested for this skin type include lotions and gels because of how light it is in texture, but still very nourishing for the drier areas.


Oily skin is more popular in younger adolescence often going through puberty, With oily skin, the pores are dilated, there is a very visible shine, blackheads are apparent, the complexion may be dull or very thick, and there can be more than the occasional breakout. Stress as well as diet may make the skin more oily.

Products suggested include moussing or gel cleansers, deep cleansing foams, and gentle everyday exfoliants. Toners and oils are available to help combat the excessive oil (yes, oil on oil DOES help in certain cases) such as the lotus oil from Clarins which will stop the creation of sebum right in the cells.


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