How to clean makeup brushes

So last week I discussed with you the differences in makeup brushes. Now that a week has passed, it’s time to give them all a nice deep cleaning. Keep reading to learn how to do just that.

As discussed in a previous post, there are two main groups of brushes, synthetic and real. Before washing your brushes, you must first organize them accordingly. You can always refer back here if you are not sure which your brush is categorized as.

Once organized, find yourself a gentle, non perfumed, non colored liquid soap. I happen to prefer Hamamelis for Sensitive Skin by Yves Rocher, simply because it is easily affordable and I love the texture it leaves on the brushes.

Start with your synthetic brushes. DO NOT WET THEM FIRST. Gently massage your liquid soap into the bristles while angling your brush down. Ensure the water does not pass the furrure of your brush. Once you believe all makeup has been massaged out, rinse. Repeat a second time just to be sure, until the brush returns back to its original color and the water in rinsing clean.

It is important NOT to rinse your synthetic brushes first, or else the water will make any remaining makeup cake into your brushes. This is turn will continue to make it difficult to clean your brushes, and will take up more of your time.

When washing real bristles, you may find it easier to first rinse your brushes under lukewarm water. Continue by massaging your liquid soap through the bristles as though you were washing hair (same as you did for your synthetic bristles). Rinse and repeat until soap suds and water both become clear. Repeat one more time to be sure.

Once all brushes have been cleaned, lay on a flat surface and let air dry overnight.
As a general rule, I always make a point of washing my brushes and then following up with a conditioner.

For a more visual aspect, please check out the video posted below. (Not my video, but she’s AMAZING anyways!)

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