“Expression is not solely based in ones face and body, but through ones heart and soul as well. I just make it my responsibility to make sure the two match as beautifully as they are different.” – Ashleigh Arshinoff

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Ashleigh has been making her way through the Fashion and Beauty industry since late 2008 when she had her first taste of walking the runway. Now she’s back with more energy and passion than ever for what she enjoys best, helping you!

In the past couple of years, Ashleigh has already worked with and represented many cosmetics companies including Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, and Guerlain. Specializing in natural and beauty makeup, along with her skincare and fragrances expertise, Ashleigh strives to deliver the very best for any of your special events, courses, shootings, or nights out on the town!

To contact Ashleigh for your next appointment or to inquire about any sort of collaborations, please contact her at any of the following,
514 476 8314